Souvenirs of the Olympic Games 2012

Souvenirs of the Olympic Games 2012

 This year’s Olympic event was different and amazing in more ways than one, through the social media and the hype about the games, got the youths around the world to be actually interested in sports, from the beginning of a not so interesting opening ceremony (except you were in the Stadium or you were British for you to really enjoy the whole ceremony). To the games which had world, national and personal record breaking moments, young teenagers also making history and there were also embracing moments. To a closing ceremony that was a little more exciting than the opening!

The one thing we should all take home from this year’s Olympic Games are these:
Learn to build on what you have. Jamaica, Kenya and Ethiopia did not dominate the Medal table like Great Britain, U.S.A and China but they worked hard at what they knew how to do best “running “, and they did extremely well and making their fans, teams, and countries proud.

it taught the world something we’re not too young to achieve greatness, teenagers like Sadaf Rahimi of Afghanistan "boxing" (17), Kyla Ross of U.S.A “Gymnastics” (15), James Kirani of Grenada “400m” (19), Ye Shiwen of China “Swimming” (16), Claressa Shields of U.S.A “boxing” (17) and many others did quite well……..       

And you’re too big a star to continue working hard to be extraordinary, athletes like Jessica Ennis of Great Britain “Heptathlon” (26), Usain Bolt of Jamaica “running” (25), Michael Phelps of U.S.A “Swimming” (27), Andy Murray of Great Britain “Lawn Tennis” (25), Venus and Serena Williams sisters of U.S.A “Lawn Tennis” (32,31), and like many others did not let us down……

And you are not too old to strive for success, says Hiroshi Hoketsu of Japan “equestrian event” (70)

The ordinary people can also be extraordinary one day!
Learn to leave when the ovation is loudest! Michael Phelps is leaving this year he says and focusing on other things in his life, or you could continue like Horishi Hoketsu if you can’t imagine doing anything else, than what you love.
                        “Success has no regard for man and Greatness knows no bounds”
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