Africa NOT a big village

Africa!! NOT a big village!!!

It’s very annoying when I hear people say things like this, “am going to visit London, Miami, I would also like to visit the Caribbean’s and finally make a visit to Africa and come back home”.

Why do people name cities around the world? But when it comes to Africa they cannot just pick one city at all they just name the whole continent, like it’s just one big village or country, it’s so annoying.
For instance on CNN I watch them analyze the development of several places like China, Singapore, Kazakhstan, and the Middle East and when it came to our turn they said Africa.

There are over 50 countries with several cities that are developing, and posses great heritage, the places like Johannesburg, Lagos, Abuja, Accra, Tunis, Rabat, Antananarivo and many more, have a lot to offer, but they are not alike.

These are cities like Accra, Tunis, Nouakchott, Johannesburg.........  
It’s so sad that people from other parts of the world think since they have visited a particular place in Africa, they have visited the whole continent it’s so sad. The way people live in Lagos is not the same life style people have in Nouakchott, for every country and cities within a country things are done differently.

People from other parts of the world should take their time out to research about other parts of Africa and even try and visit and get to know what’s going on there and figure out that we Africans are in the same continents but in our own different countries we have diverse stories to tell.

If people want to call continents they should say continents and not make sentences like this “American girls are pretty, Italian girls are cute, and African girls are beautiful”.

People represent Africans with black people. The population of black people are more than the white people in Africa, but can we all try and not let the white people in Africa left out, there countries where most of the populations are white people and they are still Africans, like Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and many more.

Please next time you hear someone talk about Africa like it’s one village or a city correct them and tell “them there are numerous cities in Africa, they have different lifestyles, they look and sound differently, their environments are different but are amazing,  so “where in particular in Africa are you talking about?”   

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