Will this be the last Diamond Jubilee of The British Monarchy??

                       Will this be the last Diamond Jubilee of The British Monarchy??

For the past few decades this generation has seen a monarchy that has a good ruling system and an average behavior, which is ruled by a Woman that adheres strictly to the already laid down rules that rule the system…….

The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, has being known to always be of proper behavior, especially in public, known to always be courteous and all etiquettes in place for 60 years, she has never being tired, and there’s no sign of relenting in proper character.

There’s one thing we all appreciate in the Queen, which is the ability to fulfill her duties as the Queen of England at an old age, though she’s old but her strength is not, she’s posses to all that age is just a number, a figure that should not determine your level of performance……………

The thing that get’s one bothered is the fact that can this present British Royal Family keep up with the stance of the previous generation? Because The Royal family is ruling over a generation that seems to view and treat things differently; it’s one that doesn’t really take things seriously, it’s one that believes that we only have one life to live and let’s live it while it lasts.

Will the courteous behavior of the British Monarchy stand? I think this generation was able to benefit a lot from a well behaved Royal.

There have been some outrageous behavior of British Royals in time past (to know them google them), but they seem to have to turned out to be matured adults, well which happened after people like Prince Harry got into the army, maybe badly behaved royals should be sent to join the army, or sent to some kind of Royal school to either grow up or know how Royals should act.

We hope the upcoming British Royal Family will be able to comport themselves and avoid negative media attentions, like the 21st century mishap of elites with paparazzi    “nude photos”, I pray we don’t hear of such.

The one scary thing is the is the fact people are dying at a very young age, well it has been observed that the Royal family do live long, hope this is an antidote to the death that lurks at every corner, I pray we don’t see any young King or Queen die at a young age, long live the upcoming king and queen……….
Some questions to ponder over about the British monarchy………………………………

Will the Economic crisis of Britain cause the British Monarchy to partly or totally dissolve (due to its expensive upkeep)? Will the stain of divorce and homosexuality stay and spread in the British Royal Family? Are we going to see a ruling king or queen get divorced in this new time and season? The way the youths of today handle situations with so much levity will it affect the relevance of the British Royal Family in the future?