The Devices that changed everything

The Devices that changed everything

And the world would be standing on its hands; the world order is changing forever, the way things are done will not be, these little metal devices and their apps are changing everything……………….
We now have handheld devices, that are becoming a part of us every day and we are becoming accustomed to them by the second its becoming, we no longer reach out to get newspapers, we read what they provide online, we no longer buy albums we download them, we no longer make calls we now chat, and very soon will quit or reduce the amount of times we go to the cinema and majorly get what we want online……………

The creation of the Ipad gave rise to other tablets by various companies from the well known to the unknown, little did Steve Jobs know or did he? That the way things will be done will be done differently!!!

The Record breaking TABLET

The tablet is an electronic device that is about or less the size of your laptop screen. The evolution of the computer has come a long way, from giant sized machines that can’t do much, to little handheld devices that is now a big part of us.

 It was all about the big machines,
 then it became monitor, CPU and the keyboard,

later its was just the screen and the keyboard
and now it’s the screen we need  and very soon it will be obsolete 

The tablet especially the front runner (whether you like it or not) the Ipad has a beautiful design but doesn’t have the regular designs a computer should (laptop and desktops) like the USB ports, CD/DVD ROMS,…………… with the way these tablets are created they begin to change the way we do things with computers.
For instance these tablets do not encourage the use of wires to function and function with other devices; they make us use of the “cloud technology” they hereby encourage the idea of computer being “obsolete”……….

·         its lighter
·         it’s easier to carry around
·         long lasting battery
·         less parts than a laptop means it occupies less space
the one thing that get us worried “COMPATIBILITY”, there are a quite a number of tablets out there, with different kinds of O.S, we didn’t have to worry about O.S when we were using laptops and desktops, all we had was Microsoft and Mac O.S well and some subsidiary O.S well we could count them and figure out compatibility, like file sharing, software use and many more….
With so many O.S these tablets will give every software engineer a run for his scripts and codes, except softwares would only be used online through a browser, reducing the task of compatibility.

 The Revolution

As we adapt to tablets and other devices like mobile phones these are a few changes around the world we should expect
·         They will wipe out Paper based medias like Newspapers, Magazine, and so on
·         Microsoft could be kicked to the curb, now they are not sole provider of O.S for computers
·         They may turn telecommunication companies to ISP (Internet service Provider)
·         They’ll seriously cause reduction in the number of workers hired b y organizations, for instance no need to get a vendor for distribution one can now broadcast information online through social media….
·         Libraries will become obsolete
·         Writers will write eBooks only and we could only hear of the print press in the museums
·         Learning institutions will partially become obsolete and finally obsolete………………..
·         The music and movie industry need not to bother about CDs, DVDs, Blue ray, and they should not think of VHS….

With all the changes and that is to come we hope there is more of the positive effect than the negative……………..

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