#GBAM The sex you never knew???!!!!

                         #GBAM The sex you never knew???!!!!
              You have heard of it, you just never seemed to try it!!!
   Its a type of sex that is 100% safe, no protection is needed, the medical society have satisfied this sex style to be safe and both partners are guaranteed to have total satisfaction only if you both want it badly…..

This style of sex is not intended for married couples, most of them have grown old and marriage is mostly boring that they can’t attempt anything new they should probably keep off!! It’s designed for people who are looking for ways to improve their sexual lives and have the energy for it!!!
Its demands that you and your partner be totally connected body, soul and spirit…….

Total attention should be given to it during the process; satisfaction is only derived, on how badly you want to improve your sex life?!!
It’s easy, applicable to any kind of person with all shapes and sizes……
You are not committing any kind of sin during this process, you don’t have to feel guilty during this process, just relax and have fun as you’re meant to be and satisfying your partner as well!!!
And this sex style is……………………

 Abstinence!!! I Know you are probably pissed after that phrase, but what the hell aren’t you tired of the relationships based on sex all the time, don’t you want something real after all these years!!!

Several abortion, unwanted pregnancies and sexual diseases have ruined the lives of many, think twice before you decide to get down next time, is it worth it??!!! 

Check --------   Virginity Where did we keep it??!!!