A Few Seconds Left........

A few Seconds Left………

A survey was taken a few years ago, and a question was asked would anybody like to know when they will die, most people did not want to know while others just wanted to know, well the truth is nobody wants to know when they will eventually kick the bucket, we all want to imagine we have all the time in the world to ourselves, actually we don’t, when you get to have a conversation with an elderly person you will learn that life is short, you will probably wonder and ask yourself but this person had about 70 years to live and he says life is too short?  It’s really short when you had a lot of time on your hands and the only things you achieved were but a few things.

Everyone remembers that terrible earthquake that hit Haiti, and all the donations that was made to help the citizens of that country to regain their lives, the donation that caught my eye was that of a little girl she was able to donate N90,000 ($600), and everyone was surprised, well I was also surprised, the thing that crossed my mind was if this little girl who was less than 12 dies now she would be remembered for  her ability to do something great when we think of it as impossible, then I began to wonder what if I die now and am a decade older, what great thing will everyone around me remember me for apart from my human qualities, was I able to do anything remarkable that will cross their minds? Well I wonder about the people I know, what about the people I don’t know? Will this just be foot prints on the shores of the beach, and no trace at all can be made to the fact that I was once here! I have to do something out of the ordinary to make sure these prints stay on this beach or else I have just been a waste of space on this planet!

Have you lived on this planet for at least a decade and a half, that, means you can count up to five people that you know, that have died before the age of fifty, whether the death was natural, or the person had an unforeseen event that lead to his/her death, we can all make that count. Does this prove that the time we have to live in this round ball called earth is getting shorter? Yes it is! And what can do we have to say for this short time we have on this planet? The psalmist says “the life of man is like a fleeting breath”.  Let’s all make haste while the sun shines, because when the night time comes we can’t but work no more, opportunities for us to achieve some remarkable things in life do not last forever. I’m not saying we’re all going to die soon. Its quite scary, but the death of anyyone around takes us by surprise, and all we have to say about their lives if we were to write a book about them will just be a paragraph.

 We are meant to go to school in the early part of our lives, after this process we are equipped to achieve greatness in our lives. In school we get educated, we are laying a solid for foundation for our lives, in school we learn to read the map of life, we learn how to use the tools we are provided with, like how to manage our talents, how to get some skills and sharpen them, with this and more training in any school we find ourselves in the world, we will be empowered to get on with life, be self-dependent and achieve greatness no matter how little.

People tend to think that they have attained success, by accumulating the things of life, we all tend to take the wrong turn on the road of life by chasing the two “Fs” fame and fortune, we all think that when we achieve these two or at least one of them, fortune, we think we have reached that perfect place, where we can say we have achieve greatness. So many rich people have died and have not made any positive impact in the lives of anyone around, they failed to develop themselves or try to go an extra mile in doing something remarkable, because they think they have accumulated wealth and they feel they do not have to go further, people fail to realize that getting fame and fortune to one’s self  is not reaching the finish line, but it’s just being equipped to start a race in life to achieve a whole lot” to whom much is given much is expected”.

We may not have the opportunity to do anything extraordinary like save the world, create something remarkable like a new technology gadget or social network, we may not be really talented to act or sing but we should learn to do what we do very well and at most at our very best.