South Africa Backbone of Nigeria

South African the Back-bone of Nigeria

In the year 2001 MTN came into Nigeria being the first mobile phone network in Nigeria, which encouraged other mobile phone service providers to come into the country. Over the years the services of MTN have being of  average performance which comes with a high price (which cannot be taken in other countries) they gained 42million users over the past 11 years and making a lot of profit from us (and giving back so little to us).
The wacky internet service that we all depend on from Blackberry phones to computers,
MTN connects over 42 million Nigerians everyday including politicians and all office holders, business owners and their customers, Doctors to patients, loved ones in distant villages and so on.

Let’s all imagine if for one day MTN has a system shutdown in Nigeria, the paralyzing effect it will have on the economy and its people, it will be …………

All we really had to watch on T.V was NTA, until cable came into the country which was first introduced by DSTV and other cable providers followed suit. The effect of cable in the economy was positive; one could get updates of the outside world and watch what one wants to watch all day and all night at an exorbitant price.

 Some Nigerian stations rely on some Dstv stations for their international NEWS coverage, Dstv Entertainment channels  provide music lovers with the latest music, people who love to get the latest gist about any and every thing about the entertainment world at anytime..

The love for sport got encouraged and increased by the number of channels dedicated to sport for sport lovers. Nigerians used this to create viewing centers for sport loving fans who could not afford to watch the match in their home alone or who could not afford it at all

Now let’s imagine if we send Dstv packing the ripple effect…………………….

Nigerians that shop at Shoprite shop there like the mall has always being there since the very creation of the country, they have every  and anything at affordable prices, and the 
design and structure of the whole mall encourage other shops to be opened in the mall.

They bank our money with their bank “Stanbic bank”, they enable Nigerians to talk from wherever they are in the country at anytime with MTN, they provide the nation with what to watch when they turn on the T.V with Dstv.

All these companies and more also employ a great number of Nigerians
Can South Africa hold Nigeria to ransom as the power and number of their companies increase each day in the country?

I wonder what we Nigerians are looking at as South Africans are setting up our country for us…..