Steven Spielberg directed a great story but not a great movie as everyone makes it to be……

Albert Narracott (Jeremy Irvine) is a young chap that watched the birth of a foal in Devon England, since the birth of the horse Albert has been monitoring the horse and trying to get in contact with it.

Ted Albert’s Father goes to a horse Auctioning, and buys the horse, he was young and untrained, not capable to really do much his friend warned him, that he needed a plough horse for the farm. Bringing home the horse the son is excited and the mother unpleased at Ted’s decision to buy an animal that can’t be used on the farm, but Albert convinces his mother he would break him in.

Ted was just begging his way through rent, due to the long period of time it took the horse to be trained. Finally the horse is trained, and he works on the farm and helps with production, but there was bad rain that destroyed the crops on the farm.
Ted sells Joey to Captain Nicholls (Tom Hiddleston) a Calvary officer, he gets trained and he is ready for war.

Captain Nicholls was killed in the attack of the Germans, and Joey was used to pull ambulance used to convey injured soldiers by Private Michael Schröder (Leonard Carow), who had a brother Private Gunther Schröder (David Kross), that was fourteen.

Michael tried to run away with his brother, using Joey and Topthorn, a horse Joey got attached to when he just got into Calvary camp. They first ran off to a farm, to later leave for Italy the next day, but they were found by their own soldiers, and they were executed for desertion by  firing squad

A girl with brittle bones Emilie (Celine Buckens) who lives with her Grandfather (Niels Arestrup ) on the farm, found the horses, and took care of them. They were later found by the Army, as Emile was riding Joey, they were taken from them and used to pull Artillery

A German soldier taking care of the horses pays special attention to them, but at the end Joey’s friend Topthorn dies, Joey later runs away to no man’s land running away from being attacked , finding himself between the trenches of the British and the German’s. He was wrapped around with barbed wires and was later rescued by a German and a British Soldier coming out of their trenches, they flip a coin deciding who gets him; the British Soldier Colin got Joey.

Albert went blind in the war due to the gas that was released in the trench of the opposition in the war, he learns that a miracle horse survived the war, as the horse was about to get shot due to the injuries it incurred, Albert makes the owl noise he used to raise Joey, the noise catches Joey’s attention and he runs to Albert, and he gets to keep the horse after explaining that, the horse was his by telling of the markings on the horse

In keeping Joey, Albert had to win in biding Joey out of an auction because, only officers’ horses were transported back home while the rest are auctioned off. The soldiers gathered up money to help Albert, but someone already out bids them to 100 pounds, Emile’s Grandfather.

Albert begs for him but Emile’s Grandfather says it’s all he has left of Emile, as they leave , Joey runs back to Albert,  as he sees this, he returns the horse back to Albert, saying its what Emile would have wanted.
Albert returns home with the horse………

                   My thoughts
It’s a story about a horse “Joey” been handed around to different kinds of people, doing different kinds of jobs, in different of places, and finally finding his second but first true and official owner.

Steven Spielberg directed a great story, not a great movie; it was just a horse that just happened to move or to be moved by someone or itself. Joey had different owners, but destiny got him back to his true owner.

               Virtues of the movie
There are different ways to be brave
You can be brave enough to refuse to be proud about the good you have done in life like Ted Narracott

Or You can Fly over war without looking down it will be called “being brave”….any how you choose to be brave but don’t judge any man on not being brave, everyone has their own way of displaying the act of bravery..