Nigerian Accent is it Worth HAVING??!!!


The Nigerian Accent is listed the fifth most 

sexiest accent, in the world, but it’s so sad so 

many Nigerians do not acknowledge the fact 

that the accent is worth having.

Well I never knew we had an accent until I heard a white woman being interviewed on the NEWS I can’t really recall the T.V station and the white woman spoke like a Nigerian in proper Nigerian accent no strange tone nation was found at all, one will wonder if she was Nigerian. I mean it was as if she has a whole generation down here in Nigeria like every other ‘’Naija”. I screamed immediately she finished speaking that this has woman got a Nigerian accent. It just never occurred to me that there was one? Well how would it ever occur to me, when the most wanted presenters in Nigeria are using funny accents you don’t regularly hear every day, the choir in church will have to use some kind of foreign accent to deliver their special number, and presenters keep on speaking in accents so strange you will wonder if they are speaking in tongues.

I know many of us would have come across an American soap or movies were someone has to portray a Nigerian and the person is just saying something we can’t identify with. It’s really annoying when some Hollywood actor is speaking pidgeon English sounding like a dork. We know Hollywood for their humungous budget they spend on movies yet can’t cast someone who can speak proper Yoruba or make the big actor or actress learn Nigerian accent. I have not seen any of them get it properly.

As the saying goes ‘’when in Rome act like the Romans do”, when young Nigerians leave the country to some foreign land where everything they do is different from how we do things around here, they tend to do what everyone is doing to belong, so the native accent disappears and the foreign one comes in, when they come back to the home land, they never lose the foreign way of speaking, even when they speak their traditional language, they speak it in such a funny manner. There is nothing bad that could possibly happen to anyone of us when we travel to any foreign nation and we still maintain our GOD given NIGERIAN ACCENT!!! You’re just being really patriotic when you keep your accent, because when you go white like Michael Jackson it’s really hard to come back, ‘’Naija accent hard to get o!!” 

I remember the phonics classes in primary and secondary school, when the teachers tried to teach us the proper way of pronunciation they end up sounding like, someone that has half of his tongue cut off. I remember a particular day when my class teacher Mr. Ossai was teaching us phonics, he had been taught the proper way words should be pronounced, so a class was organized and he started teaching us. Mr. Vincent and a supervisor who probably taught him was in the class, as he was his teaching, he just burst into laughter, and it was funny!! He probably too didn’t get it why do we have to sound so funny to pronounce English the right way? Check the Ghanaians out they don’t have to sound funny to pronounce the words in English properly yet they still rock the English language, it’s said that they are one of the only nations that speak English very well, well according to the way the dictionary says words should actually be pronounced.

Well to everyone out there wondering how the Nigerian accent sounds like, it sounds actually different from every Nigerian language. We have over a 100 languages in this country and every one of us have a different way of speaking English. As long as your traditional language is Nigerian and you speak English and sound funny what the heck!! You’re speaking English the Nigerian way, which is the Nigerian accent, even if you sound a lot like this “I dey craz” like the Hausas do. Well for anyone still wondering how the Nigerian accent still sounds without any traditional influence listen to the President of the Republic of Nigeria the way he sounds is the way the Nigerian accent sounds!! O SE!
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