The Act of Famzing

                          The Act of Famzing

Walking up to a girl is hard, so methods are created to ease the approach. Punch lines are developed like, “What is GOD doing right now? He probably must be sleeping; I wonder why he would let a precious gem like you out of his sight tonight? Some girls would trip for that kind of approach, but most girls have had enough.

The boys have done their research and they found a style that seems to work, “Famzing”. It’s the act of approaching chicks in a manner one would approach an old friend. It makes whoever that is approached to immediately feel comfortable. One does not have to bother about subjects to bring up during the conversation, because the girl that caught the “famzing virus” will also be bringing up stuffs.

There was this chick that caught my eyes; I was tired of the regular approach, what is your name? What are you into? Or what do you really like doing? The regular blah, blah, blah, got me sick. So I took to famzing. Did it work? Oh Yeah! She did the talking must times, I just have to ask some questions, and I don’t have to bother myself how to keep her interested.
Famzing doesn’t let anyone really know anything about each other, I learnt her name when someone called her from a distance, and she learnt mine when she wanted to store my phone number. The peril of famzing is that you end up knowing little or nothing of each other.
We always talked about life situations and happenings, and it’s our different contribution that kept the discussions lively, we both had different views of life. 
We got closer with each time we met, I found out that she was the kind of girl I would like to put the ring on her index finger, as I was about to ask out her after about 5 months of famzing, at that particular moment in time, another topic came up, and she was talking about how hard working guys are meant to be, and I decided to ask her, do you think am hardworking?
The whole world came to a pause for me with her direct answer, I don’t know you and I don’t know anything about you!!! Why didn’t I see this coming? Why did I let this famzing thingy go too far?
In all I lost her, as I was planning on using the valentine atmosphere, different things came up in our lives we had to move to different ends of the world.
 Famzing makes people just friends, instead of more than friends if not handled well. The girl or even guy will not have anything to think about you (the real you), learn and know how to drop the famzing act, six months people use to court, I used it to Famz! Well she’s in town for Valentine at least we have that to share before we go our separate ways.

 (* True Story of A Dear Friend*)