Understanding #OCCUPYNIGERIA

                                    Understanding #OCCUPYNIGERIA
Several things have occupied Nigeria over the years that have being bad. For instance corruption, poor infrastructure, injustice (making useless of the human rights), high mortality rate between mother and child during delivery. But we have not addressed all these things by taking drastic actions to tell the Government that what they are doing is wrong and we can’t take it.

The removal of subsidy on petrol is something we cannot get by, we cannot afford to over look the senseless action by the Government on the masses. This action will affect us in every areas of our lives in which we cannot keep up with own very existence, that is why we Nigerians have decided to fight back, with all we can, we are not going to back down on what we want, that is the former Price of Petrol which is “N65” which is now “N141” which is ridiculous, a 120% increase!!!!

The effects of this action are on the blog titled “Ten things that will happen if we let Deregulation Of                      Petrol stay”   

You can make searches on #occupynigeria on twitter, Facebook, Google, CNN and Wikipedia , to support this fight please Tweet and Retweet tweets that contain #occupyNigeria and vote for #occupyNigeria on CNN ireport so the world can get what we are fighting for!!