Ten Things that will happen IF WE LET DEREGULATION STAY

      Ten things that will happen IF WE LET DEREGULATION     OF PETROL STAY
1 Everyone will need more money, which will lead to Robbery which will lead to high Crime Rate

Death toll due to robbery will increase

3    Inflation will increase

4 There will be lack of education due to the high price of the service (High drop out rate)

 The price of all product and services will be on the rise

  Economic collapse ==Þ people can’t afford the high price of goods and services ==Þ        Therefore industries will fold-up

Crash-out of industries will lead to increase of Unemployment

Health care packages will not be affordable by everyone ( Increase IN Mortality Rate)

 There will be little or no improvement in the agricultural sector which will affect us badly.

10  In all the hardship of the citizens of Nigeria will greatly increase
Let’s spread this around to make people in public office realize the ripple effect of this action.

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