What the rich do that the poor don't

I have two friends, one of my friends is rich and the other one is poor. They are both great people and fun to spend time with but my rich friend does different things than my poor friend. This is why he is rich and why my other friend is poor. I want to share with you what the rich do that makes them rich and what the poor don't do.

The Rich Invest In Their Education

My rich friend is always investing in his financial education. He is constantly reading books on how to invest and how to become rich. It seems that every time I spend time with my rich friend he has learned something new about money that is going to make him richer. This financially education allows him to invest with less rich and allows him to get greater returns for his money. My poor friend does not educate himself financially and refuses to learn anything about how to become rich.

The Rich Spend Their Money Wisely

My rich friend spends his money wisely. He is constantly using his money to purchase assets (such as positive cash flow real estate) that put money into his pocket each and every month. He understand the importance of buying assets that generate him income and he diligently searches for these assets and buys them. Once he has bought his assets he then has more than enough income to buy fun things like new clothes and new gadgets. My poor friend doesn't spend his money wisely. Whenever he gets his government payment he immediately goes out and spends it on things that decrease in value such as new clothes, new watches and new gadgets. He then has no money left over to buy assets that will increase his wealth.

The Rich Get Rich In Their Spare Time

My rich friend currently works a full time job while he is becoming rich enough to stop working. Though he gets paid a decent wage he doesn't get rich while he is at work. He gets rich in his spare time. My rich friend spends his free time educating himself and looking for great investment deals and ways to make more money. He understands that he won't get rich working for someone else so he uses his spare time to make himself rich. My poor friend doesn't use his spare time well. He doesn't work at all so he has as much spare time as he wants, but he uses his spare time on things like games, excessive sleeping and surfing the internet. My rich friend is getting richer and my poor friend is still just as poor as he was a few years ago.

The rich do things that the poor don't and that is why they become rich and why the poor stay poor. If you want to become rich then you need to do what my rich friend does.

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