Things Mummy and Daddy do that I don’t like

Things Mummy and Daddy do that I don’t like

1. Name Calling

2. They treat me as if am still a kid.

3. They are over protective; they cage you in the house too much.

4. Verbal Abuses which could be quite painful, especially in front of my friends and other people. They use me as entertainment in front of visitors.

5. When I do something wrong, I first get verbally abused before being corrected, rather than blessing, I get abused.

6. Consistent Shouting and Nagging (Especially from Mummy)

7. Dad getting angry at the slightest provocation or mistakes. They don’t bother to find out what went wrong.

8. Trust- (especially Dad, he doesn’t believe most things I tell him, he always thinks am lying)

9. They are never honest with me

10. Mum thinks am not smart enough for her.

11. They pick up little issues and make a big deal out of it.

12. They don’t appreciate anything I do.

13. Always breathing down my neck and wanting to know everything

14. Physical beating.

15. Stopping me from playing especially going out to play football

16. They don’t make birthdays and Christmas special. They don’t buy gifts

17. They think I hate them, because I behave differently from a child.

18. The behave as if they did not listen to non Christian music during their own teenage years, agreed times have changed

19. Though they claim they have forgiven me when I make mistakes, they still use those things to taunt me and I hate it, as in ‘hate it’. (They don’t let go of the past)

20. They don’t give me enough freedom. Always wanting to know what I am doing and everything about me.

21. Dad always objects when I ask for money and wants to know what I want the money for.

22. Dad is always funny as such you don’t know when he is serious or not. Then you get punished for what you don’t expect to get punished for.

23. They are not considerate; they take their words as the final conclusion without taking into account your own views.

24. They compare me with others. Mum always wants us to be like some other families or kids.

25. Sometimes they make me feel like am not their child

26. They take out their work frustrations on me.

27. They are always very judgemental.

28. Every boy I talk to is my boyfriend in the sense that I am dating him. If they see me with money, they always claim it’s a boy that gave me.

29. They think midnight calls are always to talk to boys/boyfriends.

30. I don’t like them telling me what to do.

31. They don’t spend time with me, they are always going out and they don’t pay attention when I talk to them.

32. They jump to conclusions and ask all sorts of questions. Always very authoritarian and they don’t listen to my point of view.

33. They are alarmists, always taking things beyond measure.

34. Calling me pet names in public,

35. Siding teachers and elders accusing me of something without asking for my own point of view.

36. I don’t like how my Daddy treats my Mummy, they always quarrel and I don’t like that.

37. They don’t allow me some privacy; they always want me around them which would not always be so.

38. They (especially my mum) always like going through my phone messages and i don’t know why.

39. My father never looks at my results; he always pushes it to my Mum.

40. Dad doesn’t call me on the phone often.

41. They make me look stupid

42. My dad SUCKS!!!!

43. They don’t allow me to visit my friends and my friends to visit me. Even when they allow, they always watch the time for me.

44. They should stop lying to me.

45. Forcing me to do thongs i don’t want to do, or go to where i don’t want to go.

46. They don’t keep their promises.

47. Showing preference for my siblings than I

48. They think am not matured enough to take care of myself.

Things I want Mummy and Daddy to understand about me

1. I don’t like staying indoors for long spells. I am old enough to stay out on my own.

2. There is a limit to the work the body can take.

3. That I need my privacy and sometimes like to be left alone. Being alone in the room does not mean I am fighting with anyone.

4. That am old enough to make my decisions especially about the friends I keep. I don’t want to be treated like a baby or caged home like a prisoner.

5. That no one is perfect, so when I make mistakes, they should correct me in love and let it lie. I know the difference between good and bad, right and wrong.

6. That I want my own space and do things on my own.

7. That I am not a child anymore and don’t want to be around them all the time.

8. They should understand that I can choose my friends and stop asking who is this and that, and what state are they from etc.

9. That I can take care of myself.

10. The need to understand how to deal with their children and not shout us down all the time. That I don’t get anything they say when they shout too much.

11. They should stop telling me what to do.

12. They should understand that it annoys me when they compare me with someone else whenever they are correcting me or I do something wrong.

13. They don’t need to monitor me.

14. They need to understand that I would like to make them proud and won’t depart from the path of the training they have given me. That if they give me the chance and encouragement they would be the happiest parents on earth.

15. That the more they hold me down the more I lack confidence.

16. That I learn from my mistakes and don’t need to be reminded every time. They should stop bringing the past when scolding about the present.

17. That I can’t be forced to do anything, if I am interested I would, but if I am not I should not be forced.

18. That whenever I go out, it does not mean I went to see a secret friend.

19. They should stop taking little issues and blowing them out of proportion.

20. That I think and plan a lot about my future, they should give me the opportunity and encouragement.

21. To take time and understand my type of person.

22. That, things are not as easy as they see or say.

23. That I hate to be disturbed especially when reading or doing my assignments.

24. Turning me into a punching bag is not the best answer; it only gets me more annoyed.

25. It takes time to improve; they need to keep supporting me.

26. I want them to understand that I hate eating Eba.

27. That I like buying my clothes myself.

28. They should acknowledge my talents.

29. That embracing or hugging someone of the opposite sex does not mean you are in a relationship.

30. They need to get the full context of situation and not just judge on face value.

31. They need to understand the need to respect my telephone privacy and stop asking me who am talking to on the phone all the time.

32. That I am very sensitive to verbal abuses. I get depressed and I think a lot about them.

33. I like listening to loud music.

34. I don’t like to be embarrassed in public.

35. They need to provide my needs.

36. They should not be too strict or beat me all the time.

37. That if they are really not there, I can take care of myself.