•                                                                  Life
    We often live our daily lives looking forward for a better tomorrow hoping all what we do will bring a great change, an awesome effect, we hope so badly that we do not die the next day, we do everything to survive we make sure we eat to ensure existence, we buy useful items to make life pleasurable but we fail to check what are we living for.
    What will happen when I reach my goal what next, what happens when all it’s lost, what happens when there an obstruction how am I going through the next day in this situation? Will all these things continue to happen to me? Did anyone ever create me? Is there anything else after life? Who am I responsible for and why? We fail to realise any purpose for our lives.
    Due to the these facts of the failure to ask ourselves these questions Ted Turner’s father committed suicide after all achievements, a man killed himself and his family after being fired from work, a young girl killed her parents because they prevented her from being with her boy friend, some people are diver stated when a thief steals something valuable to them, some can’t be themselves after an heart break and so many more.
    There should be a quest for reasons for life, we should get ourselves up and try to find out the question ‘why to life’
    Well this is my own answer to any and every questioned mind, life generally for me and you came from above, God gave us life he breathe life unto us so we might exist and live for His glory. He did not assign same life style for everyone some live it quiet while some live it wild, loud or some people just live it totally different. For every and anyone He made a provision from the beginning of time for every and anyone, He understands everyone perfectly and He wants you to understand Him too, well it’s possible through His word the Bible where different things await us things like love, achievements, surviving the ups and downs of life, how to get close Him, living our lives according to His will for us.
    Well here are some few tips towards life
      Make sure you are living every day too God’s glory.
      Don’t be sin conscious and don’t live a care free life.
      Be a man of your words don’t say anything except you mean it.
      Check out your weakness
      Be nice
      Be time conscious
      Do not pros pone things that can be done now
      Be sorry for every wrong action
      Act matured all the time (don’t keep malice, don’t revenge, think before you act
      Learn from your mistakes and others
      Get to find out how remarkable people do the things they do
    Do you have dreams here are some tips
     Be of God
     Make sure you have the right dreams
     Be realistic about your dreams
     Have a vision
     Make the sky your stepping stone
     Do not look back or turn to the left or right
     Be ready to do the ridiculous to get the miraculous
     Be personally consumed with your passion
     Don’t mind what people will say
     Don’t give excuses
     Be unlimited
     Go the extra mile
     Do not take no for an answer (Matt15 vs. 23-28)
     Seek counsel from people who have made it or study
     Research, study, search the whole world for answer and
     Turn to God for advice first
    At the end of all this be yourself and
    Live your life