The devastated and the hopeful man

  The devastated and the hopeful man
Hope something individuals cling to and really hope for the real best when they know ‘hey McCain will not win this 08 elections even he has won in some states’, hope pays when you also expect the worst as well and not just the success, a times success happens some or all the times but be prepared for the opposite answer
The man with hope after so many trials and no success he keeps on and hopes that one day everything will turn out well, he lives in a world of fantasies, after so many jilts he believes that this lady that smiled at him might just be the one for him, mean while she is not just not the one, he does not examine every case very well he just believes this stock that he buys will surely rise since this stock broker has proven that he could invest, when he sees that all his previous endeavours were useless, he just fails to push himself to the reality of life, life is not really something or a place for one to put all his eggs into one basket, he gets hope in every glimpse of answer to all his troubles. Life is not a place where all the places seem like the way
The devastated man is terribly upset about his present, he already believes what is to come is bad, he lets reality hit him on the face, he does not hope what is not or what he knows is not going to be, he now lives with has happen to him, if he one day sees the silver lining in the dark clouds he then has a little hope, but does not just give into the happening, he first believes it’s to good to be true, he cannot believe he did not just get jilted, probably the lady is playing a game on him he examines the situation carefully and try to make sure the happing is really true and not an imagination at the end of the day, he learns from experience that all that glitters is not gold, and all that blinks or blush is not beauty .
Life is not a bed filled with roses, we should wake up and feel the rain on our skin and not stay under that shade or umbrella for too long because they just do not help matters, whether we like it or not we are going to feel the rain after feeling the cool breeze for a long time, we should learn to smell the type of scent in the air not imagine what it would smell like.
To hope is not bad also expect the worst and also work hard for a good answer and pray for God’s favour, because it is needed.  
  By Bamigbe Oluwatayo