•                                                                  Life
    We often live our daily lives looking forward for a better tomorrow hoping all what we do will bring a great change, an awesome effect, we hope so badly that we do not die the next day, we do everything to survive we make sure we eat to ensure existence, we buy useful items to make life pleasurable but we fail to check what are we living for.
    What will happen when I reach my goal what next, what happens when all it’s lost, what happens when there an obstruction how am I going through the next day in this situation? Will all these things continue to happen to me? Did anyone ever create me? Is there anything else after life? Who am I responsible for and why? We fail to realise any purpose for our lives.
    Due to the these facts of the failure to ask ourselves these questions Ted Turner’s father committed suicide after all achievements, a man killed himself and his family after being fired from work, a young girl killed her parents because they prevented her from being with her boy friend, some people are diver stated when a thief steals something valuable to them, some can’t be themselves after an heart break and so many more.
    There should be a quest for reasons for life, we should get ourselves up and try to find out the question ‘why to life’
    Well this is my own answer to any and every questioned mind, life generally for me and you came from above, God gave us life he breathe life unto us so we might exist and live for His glory. He did not assign same life style for everyone some live it quiet while some live it wild, loud or some people just live it totally different. For every and anyone He made a provision from the beginning of time for every and anyone, He understands everyone perfectly and He wants you to understand Him too, well it’s possible through His word the Bible where different things await us things like love, achievements, surviving the ups and downs of life, how to get close Him, living our lives according to His will for us.
    Well here are some few tips towards life
      Make sure you are living every day too God’s glory.
      Don’t be sin conscious and don’t live a care free life.
      Be a man of your words don’t say anything except you mean it.
      Check out your weakness
      Be nice
      Be time conscious
      Do not pros pone things that can be done now
      Be sorry for every wrong action
      Act matured all the time (don’t keep malice, don’t revenge, think before you act
      Learn from your mistakes and others
      Get to find out how remarkable people do the things they do
    Do you have dreams here are some tips
     Be of God
     Make sure you have the right dreams
     Be realistic about your dreams
     Have a vision
     Make the sky your stepping stone
     Do not look back or turn to the left or right
     Be ready to do the ridiculous to get the miraculous
     Be personally consumed with your passion
     Don’t mind what people will say
     Don’t give excuses
     Be unlimited
     Go the extra mile
     Do not take no for an answer (Matt15 vs. 23-28)
     Seek counsel from people who have made it or study
     Research, study, search the whole world for answer and
     Turn to God for advice first
    At the end of all this be yourself and
    Live your life



The devastated and the hopeful man

  The devastated and the hopeful man
Hope something individuals cling to and really hope for the real best when they know ‘hey McCain will not win this 08 elections even he has won in some states’, hope pays when you also expect the worst as well and not just the success, a times success happens some or all the times but be prepared for the opposite answer
The man with hope after so many trials and no success he keeps on and hopes that one day everything will turn out well, he lives in a world of fantasies, after so many jilts he believes that this lady that smiled at him might just be the one for him, mean while she is not just not the one, he does not examine every case very well he just believes this stock that he buys will surely rise since this stock broker has proven that he could invest, when he sees that all his previous endeavours were useless, he just fails to push himself to the reality of life, life is not really something or a place for one to put all his eggs into one basket, he gets hope in every glimpse of answer to all his troubles. Life is not a place where all the places seem like the way
The devastated man is terribly upset about his present, he already believes what is to come is bad, he lets reality hit him on the face, he does not hope what is not or what he knows is not going to be, he now lives with has happen to him, if he one day sees the silver lining in the dark clouds he then has a little hope, but does not just give into the happening, he first believes it’s to good to be true, he cannot believe he did not just get jilted, probably the lady is playing a game on him he examines the situation carefully and try to make sure the happing is really true and not an imagination at the end of the day, he learns from experience that all that glitters is not gold, and all that blinks or blush is not beauty .
Life is not a bed filled with roses, we should wake up and feel the rain on our skin and not stay under that shade or umbrella for too long because they just do not help matters, whether we like it or not we are going to feel the rain after feeling the cool breeze for a long time, we should learn to smell the type of scent in the air not imagine what it would smell like.
To hope is not bad also expect the worst and also work hard for a good answer and pray for God’s favour, because it is needed.  
  By Bamigbe Oluwatayo 

Why on earth am I here?

My name is Bamigbe Oluwatayo born on the 6th of November of the beloved year 1992, everyone that knew about my birth celebrated my entry into this wonderful world, I was born into a Christian family I got familiar with the Christian nature I go to church every Sunday, I pray every day and night, I learn to obey my parents, elders, rules and regulations and above all GOD. When I was nine years old with two siblings one is two years younger than me, while I was expecting a baby brother which is ten years younger than me, I was in primary four I was prepared by my parents for secondary school a lesson teacher was provided I wrote entry examination into Fountain Heights Secondary School, I passed and I was accepted into the school, well almost all the subjects I was taught were new, the one that caught my attention the most was agriculture, the teacher was different from others well I will say peculiar in a way he was quite funny, harsh, friendly, he taught me the definition of agriculture which I will never forget ,and above all he was practical he showed me and my class mates anything that he could show us that he taught I was excited and over whelmed by all this things that took place, I noticed that some things he said about some annual and biannual plants I had already experienced it, I had planted beans seen its flower during germination, I had seen its root during germination and when the plant was mature, I had harvested the fruits as beans and green beans all this took place during my primary school days I was active when it came to farm activities, I can remember my dad feeding chickens early in the morning, my mum gets surprised that I remember that part of our lives having chickens because I was less than four where we first lived. I remember the time when I planted beans in the whole compound (it was of a medium size) in Port Harcourt my father lived there for while due to work so we spent holidays with him I my mum and my brother, the baby of the house was not yet born, we returned home after the holidays, dad visited us and he brought a bag of beans and I thought to myself that could be my harvest I was so happy, due curiosity I asked he said with a laugh that was obviously not my harvest, well I did not feel bad I do not know why I did not feel real bad, I believe that’s how GOD created me because I learnt that I do not feel bad over some few things that happened like when I when I misplaced my phone I did not think twice about it my mum was angry that I was not remorse and not that I misplaced the phone, well there are other instances where by I have misplaced my money and I certainly do not worry about it, its gone well let it go no matter the amount.

In Secondary school in junior school I learnt that people who practice all these agricultural practices are called farmers from then on if anyone asked me about what I wanted to be I will say I want to be a farmer with pride and no shame in my eyes, I never had inferiority complex in what I learnt to believe, people will laugh anytime I just mentioned it and I smile along even when my class mates laugh at the single mention of my future ambition. Well my parents did not laugh so did my agricultural teacher well that was all the assurance I needed, they encouraged me. I remember when the sister of my class mate asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up I said I wanted to be a farmer, she laughed and she told me that you want be farmer and I answered yes that I want to become a farmer, since the mention of that word everyone and anyone tells me that I look like a farmer, I talk like a farmer, I walk like a farmer from students to teachers to lesson teachers it was an experience which I just smile to, I will never forget my dear friend Ronke we knew each other from primary school we usually quarrel jokingly she called me the word ‘agbe’ in Yoruba which means farmer . Well as I continued my education in Secondary school I learnt that one cannot study how to be farmer in the university in the last class of junior school. I checked the J.A.M.B Brochure in my first term in senior school for courses concerning agriculture the one that drew my attention was agricultural economics so I chose it, I noticed that I will engage myself in chemistry and physics, I hated sciences right from junior school and I tried to avoid difficulty in math and math questions in other subjects, well I learnt that ‘one has to do what one does not like to get what one wants’ physics was sided with math and chemistry could not be dropped . We had a career seminar in our first days in senior school, we had to say our future ambition out loud my mates were astonished I said agricultural economics, some asked me why didn’t I mention farmer I said that no one goes to study farming in the university. From then on I went to research about Agricultural Economics, it was quite pleasant when I was taught about it in my last year, one gets to touch all aspects of agriculture which is really what I wanted, I knew that one had to passed some exams to get into the university so I made all efforts that I move to the next class, so at the end I got to write my final exams and I passed, it was magnificent I got admitted into the University of Agriculture Abeokuta.
Well as I grew up as a teenager my parents talked about being close to GOD well I prayed about it and it happened, walking with HIM I learnt that I had to involve Him all doings, so I wanted to be more in life, I wanted to achieve much in life, I want to make the major protein products consumed in Nigeria to be cheap so every parent can afford to get sufficient protein for their growing child, I will like to make other agricultural products to be available at very affordable prices, I believe that agriculture can turn Nigeria around in every and any way, Nigeria is an under developing country I believed that can be changed which I will chase when I have the opportunity, I will fight poverty in the country Nigeria in the whole continent and the world at large and above I want to live for GOD which is my main purpose which am on earth for.

18 For from my youth he was brought up with me, as with a father, and I have guided her from my mother's womb Job 31:18 (KJV)
I chose you before I formed you in the womb; I set you apart before you were born. I appointed you a prophet to the nations.
Jer 1:5 (HCSB)